My Pet Wash is a DIY dog wash and dog grooming salon located in Coburg and Northcote. We are focussed on one thing – getting your dirty dog looking good and smelling fresh!!

There are three ways you can get to us: Walking, driving and catching the tram. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby then walking shouldn’t be an issue – plus your dog will love it too.

Our Facilities

  • Easy to use, self-serve dog hydro baths with shampoo, conditioner, flea wash and blow dryer.
  • DIY clippers.
  • Dog treat vending machine – for bath time bribery!
  • Modern dog grooming salon and equipment.
  • Professional dog groomer on site Tuesday – Saturday.

DIY vs. Professional Groom

The choice between doing it yourself or getting help from a professional groomer relies upon the needs of you and your dog. Some pooches such as the Schnauzer, Poodle and Maltese require regular intensive grooming. With dogs like these, you may choose to visit a dog groomer if you are not able to clip and style your dog by yourself.

Dogs with more manageable coats might be better suited to a wash in the DIY dog wash. Using these dog wash machines is quicker and easier than doing it at home plus it doesn’t create mess in your house. Don’t forget that after you’ve washed your dog we can help you out with the hard bits like drying and brushing. Just take a look at our price guide for more information.